Emma Litman

Spectrum Guided Regression

What Do You Want to Change?

Do you want to Change Negative Outdated Behaviours, Feelings and Limiting beliefs?

Have you suffered abuse (either emotional, physical, sexual or neglect)?

Have you suffered a Traumatic Incident that affects your daily life?

Are you having Relationship problems because you fear Abandoment, Rejection or being Cheated on?

Have you had a difficult childhood you just cant seem to get over?

Are you feeling stuck, flat or numb and want to feel again?

Do you avoid relationships with potential new or romantic partners?

Do you have a Fear or Phobia you want need to overcome?

Do you feel insecure

Are you full of either Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Hurt or Anxiety?

Type of Therapy Offered

Spectrum is a ‘Content Free’ method of dealing with traumatic memories and painful issues.

Using Spectrum I will guide you to allow your mind to go back to past memories, past memories which still have negative emotion attached to them. When these memories have been processed, you will be able to move forward.

You will never have to say what you see, feel or hear in your memories and will be simply asked what you needed at that time in order to process your thoughts and emotions associated with your memories. The whole process of spectrum is done internally, this means that you don’t have to share your darkest traumas and give them more strength in doing so.

Once Spectrum is completed on certain events it can change other issues you have like a domino effect, weakening the emotional and physical effects on other issues.

“Content free” is a phrase that not many people have heard of before. You may be wondering what this means…

“Content free” means you can work with me around issues you find too traumatic or difficult to discuss.

You will ‘never’ have to tell me what’s trapped inside some of your memories unless you decide to share them out of choice. The only details I need is the, ‘Theme of your issue’ which will appropriately label the problem you want to work on during your Spectrum session.

What happens in your Spectrum session?

I will truely 'Listen' to you.

You will be given time to talk over, clarify and express your problems, thoughts and feelings.

I will always be non-judgemental.

I will never give advice.

The sessions start with a Spectrum Assessment Coaching session to explore what you specifically want to work on through specialised questioning tecniques.

I will then use a Guided Regression to help take you back to memories which are triggering your issues to help you gain a better understanding of what’s going on for you.

During your Guided Regression, I will assist you to look at your Options & Choices helping you to move forward.