Common Questions

– I’m not good at explaining myself
– I don’t know where to start
– Too much has happened to explain
– I don’t know whats wrong
– I just feel upset and stuck

As a professional counsellor I have been trained specifically to help you to unpack your problem by asking you guided questions about your thoughts, actions, emotions and feelings in your body such as feeling tension or butterflies. My questions will help you to start to form answers to help you better understand your issue and help you feel more in control.

– I feel really embaressed/ ashamed about my problem

I love my job and helping clients overcome shame and embarrassment is so important to me. I know on a personal level and with working with my clients how these feelings eat us up inside, causing us to keep secrets and make us feel we are unloveable and unworthy. I am truly here to help you, not to judge you. We can gently unpack what is causing you to think and feel this way about your problem and work to get you to a place of self forgiveness and acceptance.

– I’m worried my problem is not as bad as other people who probably have bigger problems than me

How you think and and feel about your problem is totally personal and relative to you. This question also means you have compared yourself to others. If your friend was in the same position would you want them struggling alone?

– I feel hopeless about my problem and don’t think it can be changed

I would say although counselling may not be able to change what has happened or is happening, it can help to change the unhelpful thoughts you have around it. Counselling also helps us process our feelings/ emotions that arise from situations and helps us make better decisions and take more helpful action around the situation.

– I don’t trust people or trust very few people, I don’t know if I will be able to trust a counsellor

If you have suffered from a very distressing or disturbing experience i.e. you have experienced a Trauma
Or/ and you have had a difficult time in your childhood and/or adulthood involving your family members/ caregivers/ partners/ friends/ school/ work…
Or/ and you have experienced any form of physical or emotional abuse, rejection and abandonment, it is very COMMON and NORMAL to lack trust in others…
It would be absolutely natural to wonder if you would be able to trust me as your counsellor. Trust is something that builds over time from getting to know me and feeling accepted, appreciated and being allowed to be who you really are, rather than what people or society want you to be.